Sunday, November 27, 2016

Jenny and Squire 2016 Sept 29 Inverness to King's Cross to Heathrow

Ahhh...the trip back. A rainy morning in Inverness, onto the train (hurrah for Virgin 1st class!) and had breakfast as we sailed through the beautiful Cairngorms National Park.

Just managed to catch this rainbow through the window of the train as the weather started to clear.

The winding rivers made me think of the film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, which we had watched one night in Inverness after a long day of travel.

The Squire was quite happy to alternately nap and surf the web on the Ipad. Virgin trains happily kept the food and later in the day, the red wine coming regularly.

I had to add this photo of a teacup pulled out from my china cupboard when we returned. A lovely lady got on the train and sat with us in the foursome of seats. She was from somewhere near Glasgow but had been having a nice weekend with friends but was headed to London to her son's house. She happened to mention that her son was a documentary film director (My Scientology Movie by Louis Theroux) which was very interesting. It was just being released in the UK a week later and sounds fascinating. For some reason I asked this lovely lady what the name of the town she hailed from near Glasgow. When she said Blairgowrie, I almost fell out of my seat. This teacup is why!

This card has traveled with the teacup since it was given to my mother when she was about one year old. I think the writing is my grandmother's but I am not sure how my grandparents knew the McKays from Blairgowrie. Our new friend assured us that the population of Blairgowrie has never been very high.

A lovely train trip back. We were ready to come home at this point but what a fantastic trip!

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